Torre dello Ziro

Bed and Breakfast

Perched on the hill that slopes towards the sea from Ravello to Amalfi, caressed by the aroma of lemons and cuddled by the slow roar of the stream that flows to its base, the “Torre dello Ziro” (Literally translated “The Ziro Tower”) is the ideal refuge for those fleeing from the bustle of everyday life in search of an intimate, intense, full of charm and historical one.

The bed and breakfast born from the restructuring of a road worker’s house built in the 16th century, purchased by the current owners to make it their shelter, “ far enough away from the chaos of the Amalfi Coast, but two steps from the main places of charm and prestige. ”

The recent restoration which was completed in May 2010, while erasing the signs of the times, was able to leave intact all the charm of the house’s story: the vaulted ceilings, the pergola in the garden with the panoramic view, the hand-painted tiles, and the colors of the Mediterranean all draw guests into a timeless world.

Our warm and yet formal hospitality, the refined and varied breakfast that can be enjoyed on the terrace or in the lounge of the villa, to the respect of the privacy of our guests, make their stay at the “Torre dello Ziro” an unforgettable experience for body and soul.

The bed and breakfast is located in a strategic position halfway between the liveliness of Amalfi and the worldliness Ravello in the small neighborhood of Civita; from here, other sites of absolute historical, archaeological and naturalistic importance such as Capri, Pompeii and Sorrento are easily accessible.

The House

B & B tower of ZiloThe house, complete with private parking, overlooks a terraced garden which offers a splendid panorama framing the actual “Torre dello Ziro” silhouette against the blue sky meeting the sea.

The “Torre dello Ziro” history is intertwined with that of “Giovanna d’Aragona”, illegitimate daughter of “Ferdinando I d’Aragona”, who was killed here around 1510. The building, with its cylindrical shape for the similarity with traditional containers for oil and cereals once used by local people, has earned the Arabic name of Torre dello Ziro.

Today is perfect for pleasant hikes leaving from the nearby village of “Pontone” and “Scala”. Footpaths, ancient mule tracks and stairs hidden by vegetation branch out from the immediate vicinity of the house to join the splendid sea of the Amalfi Coast and the center of Ravello, making the B & B Tower of the Ziro also ideal for those who love long walks in contact with colors and scents of nature.

Torre dello Ziro Tower